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Aaron Vergult

Aaron Vergult (°1992, Beveren, Belgium) is a multidisciplinary artist who works in mediums like painting, photography and mixed media. This varied choice of medium deals with the documentation of events and the question of how they can be presented. His interest seeks out to controversial events in social and psychological matter, such as sectarian behavior, lucid dreaming and our experiences in virtual surroundings. The outcome of his imagery testifies of an extensive research towards his subjects by questioning existing typologies. Hereby the representation causes an open field for interpretation on the audience, where the puzzling facade of his work refers to the enigmas in human history. Like in his digital works, he often uses low res images to question the meaning and obviousness which we rely on in media involved understandings.


2011 - 2014
St Lucas University College of Art & Design, Antwerp
2014 - 2015
Master in graphic design at St Lucas University College of Art & Design, Antwerp

Group Exhibitions

Seeking Enlightenment, Campus Congres, Master exhibition Sint-Lucas, Antwerp, Belgium

Wolstraat 15 - 2000 Antwerp - Belgium - Michel +32 486 50 50 50 - Dirk +32 472 20 13 17