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Lukasz Stoklosa

Born in 1986 in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, Poland. Lives and works in Cracow, Poland.
Specializes in painting, objects, photography.
Education: 2005-2010 studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, Cracow, the class of Prof. Jacek Waltoś.

Prizes: 2013 - The Geppert Competition – Marshall of the Lower Silesia Prize 

"His main medium is painting; he also makes objects, and photographs. His work stems from his fascination with beauty, his care for detail, and the peculiar sensibility to the moment. In his work, he tries to capture time: the point between the finished movement, and the stagnation that has not yet set in.
The painting of “presence” that sought to capture ecstasy, typical for his early work, has in time been substituted with paintings that depict emptiness. The attempt to show the fleeting nature of emotions by means of its depiction has led him to an extremely opposite state – the image of lack. The emptiness of abandoned interiors, spaces petrified in their being, evokes timeless presence. The presence of people who marked them with their life, their dwelling in them, imprinted their shadows on walls, furniture, and curtains, leaving marks, like footsteps on the snow. Additionally, the space-time is filtered through the photographic or film camera. The borrowed perception of the celluloid tape allows for the depiction of place in the moment of recording. Łukasz Stokłosa paints with shade. He uses it to trace the shape of furniture, to shape the space. To reveal the noble colours of the palace interiors. Analysing the aspects of form, he moves towards abstraction. 
Similarly, his objects, made in tiniest detail, work as portraits of places, halls and dancing rooms that evoke events that they witnessed. Anxiety is petrified in the monochromatic walls decorated with moulding, upholstered furniture, and shining chandeliers.
The same convention applies to the reading of his photographs – of parks, gardens, and small architecture. It’s the reflection of the idea of the time. 
His portraits can be seen as supplements to the study of lasting. The captured faces express states almost devoid of emotion, and yet very powerfully expressive. Similarly, the lack of emotions makes a stronger impact than their presence. Their eyes are lost in space that is hard to define. The protagonists are historical figures, yet in pop cultural interpretation. We recognise in them actors in period film roles. 
The dissimilarity of Łukasz Stokłosa’s work to the contemporary art practice, its peculiar anachronism, makes him able to understand reality more clearly. It works as contemporary recording of the past, for the sake of future memory" - by Katarzyna Wąs, translated by Karolina Kolenda.

Solo Shows

- “Golden cage”, NUNC Contemporary, Antwerp, Belgium

- “GRUPPO DI FAMIGLIA IN UN INTERNO”, Kunstverein zu Assenheim, Germany.

- “The composition of paintings”, Zderzak gallery, Cracow, Poland.

- “A Winter’s Tale”, Zderzak gallery, Cracow, Poland.

Group Shows

“Ostendo”, NUNC Contemporary, Antwerpen, Belgium
“Artists from Krakow: The Generation 1980–1990”, MOCAK (Museum of contemporary art in Krakow), Krakow, Poland

“Artists from Krakow: The Generation 1980–1990”, MOCAK (Museum of contemporary art in Krakow), Krakow, Poland

- “Landschaft, Landschaft...”, aTak gallery, Warsaw, Poland. 
- “Art more precious than mud”, Brewery Lubicz, Cracow, Poland.
- “Lepiej mieć horyzont wąski…”, Zderzak Gallery, Cracow, Poland.
- “Uncertain places”, Knoll Galerie, Vienna, Austria.
- “L.O.V.E”, Colony of Artists, Gdańsk, Poland.

- “Estrus and Promiscuity”, Bank Pekao PROJECT ROOM - Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, Poland.
- “Uncertain places”, Knoll Galerie, Budapest, Hungary.
- Exhibition of The Geppert Competition, BWA Wrocław Galleries of Contemporary Art, Poland.
- “Derealizm”, City Gallery in Wrocław, Poland.
- “Mum, I just really need to focus on my art. right now”, Galeria Miejska Arsenał, Poznań, Poland.

- “Overrunning 2″, Ośrodek Działań Artystycznych gallery, Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland.
- “Recyclists”, AS galery, Cracow, Poland.
- “Wait!New acquisitionsto the Zderzak gallery collection”, Zderzak gallery, Cracow, Poland.

- “Ice Queen”, Zderzak gallery, Cracow, Poland.
- “About strange feelings” Zderzak gallery, Cracow, Poland.

- “TAKE (ART) AWAY”, curatorial project Paulina Olszewska and Ewa Surowiec “Endosymbiotic”, Zero gallery, Berlin, Germany.
- “You don’t get what you see”, curatorial project Paulina Olszewska and Ewa Surowiec “Endosymbiotic”, Zero gallery, Berlin, Germany.
- “Ars Homo Erotica”, Warsaw National Museum, Poland.

- “Półmetek”, Cracow, Otwarta Pracownia Gallery, Poland.
- “Poligon”, exhibition and artistic performance by the “Strupek” group, Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, Poland.

Selected Publications

- 100 Painters of Tomorrow by Kurt Beers, Thames and Hudson.

- catalog “The composition of paintings”, Zderzak Gallery, Cracow, Poland.

- album “Art Pride” by Paweł Leszkowicz, Abiektpl, Warsaw, Poland.

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