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Marie Vartenberg

Marie Vartenberg is a contemporary visual artist. She records, visualizes and critiques the global society and the world by creating highly personal beings, metaphors for humans, and a step further than humanoids, baptized ‘strontanoids’. She creates disorder, chaos in a way, inviting the viewers to ask questions use their own imagination – like a subcutaneous injection- it really doesn’t hurt, but you feel it.


European Treasures, Fairhope, Alabama (USA)

Solo exhibition in Nunc Contemporary Gallery, Antwerpen (BE)


Group exhibition in Coda Museum, Apeldoorn (NL)

Solo show  in Het Broel Museum, Kortrijk (BE)

Wolstraat 15 - 2000 Antwerp - Belgium - Michel +32 486 50 50 50 - Dirk +32 472 20 13 17