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Mark Nader

My work has always confronted the figurative representation of the clinical, desolate, one-dimensional virtual worlds of computer games and Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMOG) such as Second Life and Minecraft, with their rudimentary proportions and limited colour palettes, as well as looking at how we portray ourselves, via what we upload, ‘like’ and ‘pin’ online, on social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Tumblr.
My family background is of vital significance - my own heritage is of half Mexican and half British origin, a meeting of two very different cultures. Within the structure of the paintings, I can form a narrative of sorts between these two cultures. My collaging technique, using digital images from all over the internet indicates an overconsumption of media, leading to a (mis)understanding of both cultures. I see the resulting paintings as a melting pot of the endless stream of online images with which we are bombarded every day, with strange creatures being born of my naive understanding of Aztec and Nahuatl deities, and mismatched cross-cultural objects.

Solo Shows 

- #Something, J Space, 798, Beijing, China 

- Second Rate Living, Studio One, London

Group Shows 

- Painted Realities, Hanmi Gallery, London 

- HOT-ONE-HUNDRED, Schwartz Gallery, London

- Cryptic, The Crypt Gallery London
Contemporary, Pimlico, Dolphin Square, London 

- Open, Studio One, Wandsworth Arts Festival, London
Actual Size, Studio One, Wandsworth Open House, London

- Leaden Hall Art Fair, London


- 100 Painters of Tomorrow by Kurt Beers, Thames and Hudson 
- Painted Realities Review by Tim Baggott

- Knack, Mark Nader’s ‘A Space To Create’

- Jotta, ‘Second Rate Living’

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