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Sonja Vereecken

Sonja  Gisèle Vereecken lives and works in Antwerp (Belgium).

After an education in graphic arts and several exhibitions, she also began to experiment with a 3th dimension, resulting in sculptures in vegetal, natural material. She finds her inspiration in the broad field of the biological sciences, the study of life in all its micro- and macroscopic forms as present on our planet. As such, evolution’s trajectory and the enormous  variety of complex life forms lie always at the bottom of her oeuvre. She decomposes natural substances like cotton, abaca, hennep and flax to the level of the organic fibre and recreates with this material her delicate sculptures.

The possibilities  are endless.

All exhibitions

2014               Galerij Martin Van Blerk, Antwerpen

2010               Insularte, Antwerpen

2006               De Bijl, (t)huis voor kunst en cultuur, Zoersel

2004               IHAM-galerij, Antwerpen

2001               De Warande, Brussel

2000               Solvay “Couloirs du 33”, Brussel

                        Galerie Vanderplancken, Antwerpen

                        Lineart, Gent

1999               Galerie Adamantis, Antwerpen

1998               C.C., Brasschaat

                       Galerie Vanderplancken, Antwerpen

1997               Galerie Antarctica, Antwerpen

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